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About Us

We have held an active California Public Utilities Commission License (CPUC License TCP #13690-P) since 2000.

Our license with the CPUC guarantees that we have a valid $5 million Commercial Vehicle Liability Insurance policy that is kept current at all times. In addition to that policy, we have a $5 million dollar Commercial General Liability Insurance policy with an Extended Assistance Endorsement which covers our passengers outside of the vehicle while they are traveling into and out of their home or appointment location.

This is important because many claimants are disabled or in a wheelchair and need help or assistance getting in and out of their appointment locations.

How are we different than other companies?

  • We transport claimants only when insurances request it and pre-authorize it.

  • We ensure that the claimant arrives on time for their QME, AME, Evals and Depos.

  • We have a full fleet of handicapped vans with ramps and lifts, passenger vans and sedans.

  • Our entire fleet of vehicles is owned by the company and maintained by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Mechanics.

  • All of our drivers are employees of the company with the required Worker's Compensation.

  • We offer next day service, and if needed, same day service is available.

  • We do not contract out any transports to other companies to do on our behalf.

  • We do not charge orientation fees, fuel fees, or loading fees.

  • Also, we do not have after hour charges, toll fees, or parking fees.

  • We bill most of our transports at a standard hourly rate.

  • We are not a middleman, we do not need to tack on our own processing fees or scheduling charges.

  • We offer complete service from the moment you place your order to the moment the passenger is dropped back off at their home and we send out our billing.

  • We speak Spanish and can verify information with passengers
  • We can do it your way because when you call us, you are talking to the same people who will be providing the services you are ordering.

  • If you wish, you can verify that our insurance is active and valid by visiting the CPUC website at http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/tmis/tmis_index_psg_e.htm and scroll down to Economy Transport LLC and you will be able to see that our license is in active status under the Authorities section. The CPUC regulates public transport companies, and requires that all entities licensed therein maintain adequate insurance and meet other requirements at all times. The CPUC requires immediate notification by a commercial insurance carrier if any insurance policy lapses. If it does, the CPUC suspends that license until proof of valid insurance is submitted. The CPUC website is updated daily to reflect any changes in licensure. In addition to this safeguard, we would be more than happy to provide you with a copy of our certificate of insurance. We can also- at your request- have your company named as an additionally insured entity on our policy. This would mean that if our insurance policy should lapse for any reason, you will be immediately notified by our insurance carrier.

    Note: If a transport company name is not in the CPUC listing, then it does not have a CPUC license and you cannot verify the existence or validity of that transport company’s commercial insurance.