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Services Above and Beyond...

We work with insurance adjusters, TPAs, and nurse case managers. We ensure that claimants are on time to their QME, AME, AOE/COE, evaluations and Depo appointments. 

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  • We offer complete service from the moment you place your order to the moment the passenger is dropped back off at their home and we send out our billing.

  • We offer next day service, and if needed- we can provide same day service.

  • We only provide transportation that has been either directly requested by the insurance or has been pre-authorized by the insurance. We do not work on liens.

  • When a transportation request is called in by the insurance, we take multiple measures to ensure that we have the correct information including a preliminary phone call to the claimant to notify them of the scheduled appointment and transportation thereto, and to verify their address and phone number. We also make reminder calls to the claimant before the appointment as necessary.

In the scope of providing non-emergent medical transportation, if the insurance requests us to do so, we can also provide:

  • Handicap vehicles

  • Wheelchairs

  • Attendants to escort the passenger to and from their appointments. This was a major reason for our obtaining a General Liability Insurance Policy with an Extended Assistance Endorsement coverage for passengers when they are outside of the vehicle.

We also utilize a Satisfaction Survey program with adjusters; as well as our passengers to measure the timeliness of our services and the quality of all of the points of our service. 

  • We offer next day service, and if needed- we can provide same day service.

  • We do not charge orientation fees, fuel fees, or loading fees.

  • Also, we do not have after hour charges, toll fees, or parking fees.

  • We bill all of our transports at a standard hourly rate. (Because we are not a middleman, we do not need to tack on our own processing fees or ghost charges.)

Some other companies offer transportation in addition to other services. These are middlemen companies who sub-contract out the transportation services and then charge additional fees for the scheduling and billing.

Economy Transport does not contract out any rides to other companies. When you call us you will be talking to the company who will actually be doing the transportation.

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In the Field

  • We own and operate a full fleet of vehicles (sedans, passenger vans, and handicapped vans with ramps and lifts).
  • Our fleet is stored in various gated lots throughout Southern California and maintained by certified mechanics.
  • All of our vehicles have Global Positioning Systems (“GPS”) equipment installed which allows us to see the position of our vehicles in real time. The GPS system also allows us to document and monitor the trip, direction, and speed which the vehicle is traveling.

All of our drivers are W-2 employees of the company. Our drivers are covered by our Worker's Compensation coverage with the State Compensation Insurance Fund (“SCIF”).

  • All of our drivers have been trained on company standards and procedures for non-emergent medical transportation which has helped us to maintain safety and responsibility out in the field.
  • Our drivers are entered into the California DMV Pull Program which notifies the company if anything changes on any employees driving record.
  • Our drivers have all passed background checks and undergo random drug and alcohol testing as required by the Federal Drug Testing Program. Our testing program is administered through Central Drug Systems, Inc.

This has all helped us to preserve the high quality and superior level of service and safety that we have strived to uphold since our inception.